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Curve is built like no other greeting platform. Every feature choice has a philosophical reason to support it. Your user community will find all of the standard tools needed to create their secure accounts and send greetings to their clients and colleagues with ease.


Creating an address book allows you to easily generate an eCard mailing list. The address book is completely managed by the individual user. The user will have the ability to sort, update, add/or delete any contact. The contacts’ list is equipped with standard fields to accommodate the imported details such as e-mail address, name, phone number and company name. Contacts can be entered manually or imported with Advanced Upload Component (AUC) via a CSV file.


  • View a historical listing of every eCard delivered.
  • Monitor the recipients who have or haven’t opened your eCards. You can also receive an email notification informing you of when a message is read.
  • View and modify scheduled messages.
  • Keep track of the recipients who received a campaign to ensure the same message is not sent to them more than once.
  • View the messages that were undeliverable and the reasons why.
  • Manage the messages in the activity record.
  • Sort sent messages by dates and control the display number.


The eCard platform provides your employees with a branded and secured way of promoting their corporate identity internally and globally. The Closed Platform version offers maximum security to its users. It features secure login upon email address verification and allows privacy and content protection.


The Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will automatically format your CSV file for proper listing. Upon notifying the user and receiving action permission, the Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will organize your contacts and remove the duplicated entries. This happens during the upload procedure, if you are not familiar with creating a CSV file, that’s okay! Easy-to-follow instructions will be provided.


The platform will help you keep track of hundreds of contacts across multiple sites and services. The syncing-your-contact feature will also help you to keep your contacts up-to date effortlessly.


User-Managed Distribution Lists (add-on to the Address Book) allow users to create unlimited separate contact groups in order to channel specialized messages to each group. The Global Distribution List module allows the administrator to upload and manage corporate contacts for all registered users to view. Through this Master Distribution List, contacts can easily be added, modified, or deleted by the administrator, saving a vast amount of time and energy.


Mail Merge is the automatic addition of contacts saved in your address book to the message you send. You can add multiple recipients at once in order to facilitate sending your eCard. With Mail Merge, each message is a separate mailing. This means that each recipient will believe they are the sole recipient of each message. You can use Mail Merge to send the personalized eCards by name to recipients in your address book or in a distribution list.


You have the option to select a future date to deliver your messages. If a future date is selected, you will always have the option to push this date further or stop the delivery of the message, if necessary. The scheduled messages will be saved under the Scheduled Messages tab for easy overview and access. Once sent on the selected dates, the message will be transferred from the scheduled messages section to the history section. Schedule your Christmas or birthday eCards months in advance and never worry about them again.


Sorting is a simple and very useful command which will rearrange the lines of saved information. This allows for easier viewer experience and faster data search. The sort option is available in the activity section to assist with sorting messages, and in the address book for quick contact access. Sorting data can be performed either in alphabetical order or according to values (ascending or descending). This is helpful when you have large amounts of data.


Use the Reminder’s Calendar to create unlimited reminders to help you to keep-up with important events. You will have the option to control how the reminders are delivered to you! Also, you have the option of selecting whether to receive reminder notifications or not. If you prefer to receive reminder notifications by email, turn the “Reminders” feature ON. If you prefer not to receive them, turn it OFF. Also, you can edit or delete reminders from your calendar.


Sharing eCards with others is a great idea. Apart from saving time, it makes sure you don’t have to send multiple eCards to the same person. For example, you can create a birthday eCard, select other users from your community and invite them to write their own personalized message on the same eCard! The eCard will be delivered to the recipients on the selected delivery date containing all the personalized messages entered by the users. The recipient will appreciate the way you and your colleagues gathered to celebrate her through the unique birthday eCard.


A user’s profile will be visible to other users in case of an event. For example, on the user’s birthday, a list of users sharing the same date of birth will be listed in the dashboard. This will make others know more about the listed users, so they can send them birthday eCards or use the group eCard sharing tool. The user will have the option to make the profile information visible or invisible in the dashboard.


As many people in large organizations don’t know each other, the platform will help users to send eCards and communicate with others in the work environment. The system is equipped with “Optional Tools” such as ‘upload a profile photo’, ‘share date of birth’ and ‘interest’ to introduce the user to others, and share their greetings.


“On behalf of all the employees at TRS, I would like to extend my thanks to you, and your entire team for doing an excellent job. The e-Cards you created for us are top-notch. Additionally, you were so helpful in setting up our e-Card platform. It has been a joy to share the quick and easy process with my co-workers. I anticipate that they will begin sending e-mails in the near future. I know they will be as thrilled with the process as I was!”

– Cynthia L. Franklin, Senior Marketing Manager, Transamerica Retirement Services.
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