January 24, 2018

Jennifer Williams


One may think that the usage of e-cards is not currently in use owing to this era of social media and other forms of instant messaging. However, numerous businesses still rely on e-cards for a fundamental purpose of promotion, building relationships as well as in the marketing campaigns. The usage of the cards has indeed been on the rise, with statistics indicating that unique visitors to online e-card sites rose from 10,264,000 in October 2013 to 16,921,000 in November 2013, a rise of 65%. The usage in December the same year was 19,881,000 a rise of 17%. Such increases may be owed to the fact that digital printed cards are uncomplicated and preferred by many online shoppers for their simplicity and convenience.

A major advantage of the e-cards is the kind of personalization provided to the clients. With customization of the business e-cards, business relationships are taken to the next level particularly when a personal touch is added to the cards. For instance, a company may affix some unique photos of the office or employees depending on the recipients of the cards. The unique photos may include a usage of the clients’ items which is intended to signal satisfaction.

Another important benefit of e-cards in businesses is easy targeting. E-cards bring in an element of relevance and it makes the recipients feel unique and important. Diversity is embraced where cards are sent depending on the tastes and preferences of the respective recipients. While sending the E-cards, it is prudent to utilize advanced targeting software which allows the company to sort out the mailing lists according to business peers. This aspect allows for advanced relationships where cards are sent relevant to the clients’ tastes.

Besides, it is critical for companies to recognize the need for reputation management. While reputation is important, e-cards are a perfect solution for attaining the goal of reputation building. Basically, reputation is created in the eyes of the peers in the industry as a company has to create a bench mark for other companies to follow. Indeed, the use of e-cards by online companies has built their reputation especially during celebrations like Halloween and Sweetest Day. Plausible statistics indicate that E-card sites increased their online visitors during the two events by 23% to attain 33.8 million visitors in 2007. This growth was spurred by industry giants such as American Greetings properties having 10.3 million visitors (56% rise), Evite.com having 8.2 million visitors (31% rise) and Hallmark.com having 5 million visitors (20% rise).

E-cards are also a better strategy for companies to go green which is very important in the modern age. Companies that embrace green operations have an edge over non-green corporations. These companies are viewed as being responsible to the environment which is critical in creating a brand image. When a company sends the e-cards, the client businesses will recognize the efforts of the company in reducing carbon footprint. The e-cards industry is therefore set to grow with benefits being felt by online clients and the online companies reaping good profits from the venture.


“Curve gets a 10! From the exemplary customer service to understanding our goals as a non-profit organization, this has been one of the smoothest roll-outs I have been a part of. They delivered ahead of schedule, were responsive and understanding throughout development and a number of unforeseen modifications (our errors, not theirs). The system is stable and well built, user friendly, packaged well, and their customization made it a perfect fit for us. Highly recommended!”

– Julie Katzer, Online Development and Marketing, Kidsave International.
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