Restricted Platform


The restricted platform is mostly used for recognizing and rewarding employees. It is restricted and acts as an internal communication and greeting tool. No one from outside the organization can register, send or receive messages and eCards. This platform will only accept registration from users with specified email domains/addresses and will allow registered users to only send to specified email domains/addresses within the corporate network.

Platform Outline

Registration will be accepted from specified email domains/addresses to limit the use of the platform for your associates only. The users will be able to customize and send eCards to specific email domains only. This platform gives managers, directors, human resource professionals and other employees the ability to quickly and easily deploy a personalized message from their company’s domain address without using a complicated database, direct marketing, or co-branded systems.

Special Occasion eCards are eCards created by the admin with mostly fixed dates, such as those for religious holidays, anniversaries, events, etc. The users may access special occasion eCards, customize messages and add their own contacts before sending. The users will be allowed to set their own delivery date up – to one week – before the date of the occasion. Special occasion eCards are also managed by the admin.

The platform allows your community users to upload photos and create their own eCards with personalized messages. Users will be able to manage their own photos and can import contacts to the customized eCard by selecting recipients from the main address book, from the user-managed distribution lists, or manually key-in recipient contacts.

Based on the access to the sent messages, the project manager will be able to carry out actions like performing a training session, deciding the need for changes, and more. The project manager can also send a generic message to the users. Such messages may include, but not be limited to, instructions on what they should consider when personalizing their eCards.


Curve eCard platform is crafted for every business – small, mid, large, and global! It is made to fit any type of business and shapes. The demo experience is as real as it gets before your own platform is live!

See it live

As a customized platform, Curve eCard pricing varies depending on the size of your business, and your requirements. We advise you contact us and get a custom quote for your exact specifications.