System Features

Curve system gives all of your general staff the same tools to strengthen friendships, commemorate milestones, and celebrate holidays and events. Our system comes with a set of standard tools, specially developed to create your perfect eCards that conveys your message to your audience uniquely.


The platform will run on your branded corporate URL! Upon providing us with the desired URL (example;, team Curve will register the domain name on your behalf. If you prefer, you may register your own. Simply point to our DNS and let us do the rest! If you want your eCard platform to show up under your existing company URL (example;, we will work closely with your IT department to make a simple host entry on your DNS. Once this has been done, team Curve will set up your branded platform, upload your customized eCards, test your system, and you are ready to go!


  • Choose your desired corporately-customized eCard template.
  • Select the recipient(s) whom you want to receive your eCard.
  • Give your eCard a catchy subject.
  • Type a brief message that will appear within the eCard.
  • Your name will automatically appear at the bottom (Optional).
  • Your recipients receive their eCards in their inboxes right away, unless the eCard is scheduled for a certain date.
  • The message is delivered to the recipient(s) as if it were coming from your mailbox.


The client is the sole and exclusive owner of the trademarks, logos and all other identification used in connection with the client, including client’s authorized users. The uploaded data to the platform by the client and the authorized users, such as customized messages, email addresses, personal information and recipients’ information, are properties of the client and protected from distribution, release, or any other use under the Curve Privacy Policy.


New updates are downloaded and installed immediately they are available, keeping your platform up-to-date. The update patches are performed to address security vulnerabilities in existing platforms and they contain bug fixes, new styles and navigation systems to assist in improving user experience.


For the companies that want to take advantage of our platform for employee recognition, we have included a network restriction that could be implemented to close the network. This will restrict the ability to send eCards or general messages to the associates of your organization. The managers and employees communicate within the network and will not be able to deliver the messages to external e-mail addresses. The messages will stay within the provided email domain(s) network.


In this day of advancing technology, it’s a fact that most people use their phones for everything; from email to Facebook. Our platform allows you to deliver a rich and engaging brand experience to any mobile device! In addition to this, your users will be able to work on their own mobile devices and operating systems to customize and send their eCards on the go! The specially designed mobile app will redirect your platform domain users to their secure accounts with ease! Curve provides mobile access to the branded eCards via the responsive website and/or via the downloadable app.


Sending eCards can save costs and be more efficient than sending traditional print cards. For many businesses and institutions, mailing a traditional print card to clients, customers, donors, subscriber list, etc. is a cumbersome process, let alone the labor required. Usually, the time and money clients would devote designing and mailing print cards speaks inefficiency. Quite often, clients can save money and a lot of valuable time by opting to forward a business holiday eCard. Also, the recipient is furnished with a richer experience and clients can use online technologies with eCards to fulfill a number of marketing initiatives they have.


Our platform has the ability to connect your software applications such as your intranet, internal programs and most popular apps to the eCard platform through API (Application Program Interface) to allow the transfer of certain information, as directed by the client, to the eCard platform The API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building and connecting software applications. Integration with your AD (Active Directory) is a great opportunity to use our Single-Sign-On option so your users don’t have to remember more passwords. Curve will work closely with your IT team to specify the type of API or AD requirements and set the rules to make the connection happen and allow Single-Sign-On feature.


With Cure, global organizations now have the ability to provide their associates with a platform covering multiple languages! You can create the full site in multiple languages, including all the site-pages, functionality, buttons and processes, giving the user the option to switch between the available languages. Engage your global community users to share and communicate from one place without the need to create multiple systems with different languages. This ensures a greater connection between your users, while making your brand and designs consistent at a convenient cost.  The project manager will choose the desired language(s) and work closely with the Curve team to apply all the elements in the chosen languages.


Our platform can be used beyond sending only greetings! Use the platform to send branded eCards for specific purposes and include a link inviting recipients to vote for your purpose. For example, you can list charities and not-for-profit organizations that your business would like to donate to. Along with the eCard itself, recipients will get a link to vote for which charity they would like the donation to go to. Based on the voting results, the reports will help you to decide on the eligible charity to donate to. These considered voting campaigns, with security measures and all data, will be available to your project manager.


View, download and manage documents belong to your platform such as quotes, proposals, invoices, agreements and notes. The document manager will help in organizing these files, modules, features and eCards added to your account.


eCards for each brand! This feature will allow your users to select from the available brands/logos, and they can apply the logo on the eCard with one mouse click (all in one screen and under the same design). This powerful feature will deliver significant cost and time savings.


Use the platform to generate customized newsletters by creating articles and choosing from the article library you have created to generate the newsletter. Also, you can use the platform to collect information from your users or clients by creating controlled and managed surveys with instant results and view charts from your administration area.


“With over 4,000 employees, sending e-cards on behalf of everyone’s’ business contacts seemed daunting. Curve’s e-card web application made the process easy, efficient and affordable. The Curve team was easy to work with and flexible to our needs. The set up process ran smoothly and timely. Upon rolling out our new e-card site, we received wonderful feedback from the user community. Users found the system simple to use and intuitive to navigate. I would not hesitate to call on Curve again in the future.”

– Scoti Ann Nadig, Graphic Services Manager, Communications Group, Forest City.
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Curve eCard platform is crafted for every business – small, mid-sized, large, and global! The system is made to fit any type of business and shapes. The demo experience is as real as it gets before your own platform is live!

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As a customized platform, Curve eCard pricing varies depending on the size of your business, and based on your requirements. We encourage you to contact us and get a custom quote for your exact specifications.

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