August 3, 2015

Emma John


Integrating e-Card into business has many advantages, it is what many businesses have incorporated over the years into their long-term marketing strategies and have had great success that they are now developing specially created micro-sites with e-card providers, making this form of communication a powerful and new marketing plan.

More and more companies have decided to use this type of marketing plan as the response is so positive possibly because the sales message is subtler than many modern or traditional forms of marketing. Whatever reasons to use e-card for business, most businesses will agree that it is absolutely a channel worth testing. Here are the main benefits of using e-cards for business.

Targeting Potential Customers

One of the main benefits of using e-cards for businesses is that it makes it easier to target potential customers. This brings in a feel of being relevant, as well as makes a client feel special. Therefore, sending the same card to all your clients must be avoided because every customer has different preferences.

Reputation Management

Your reputation has so much to do with the success of your business. In this regard, sending out e cards will present your business as a forward thinking company in the eyes of your prospective customers giving a great boost to your reputation.

Strengthen Friendship

Love can be expressed by showing how much you care about a special friend. Using e-cards will let your business clients acknowledge that you care more about them. In today’s modern society, a great way to strengthen the friendship between you and your clients is by sending them e-cards. You may be thousands of miles apart, but e-cards make it possible to often keep in touch with them.


Personalizing the business e-card will help you to take your business relationships with your clients to another level. However the options are endless due to the fact that you are allowed to add unique photos of your staffs with a personal message depending on who the card goes to.

Holiday Greetings

The holiday seasons usually brings a handful of cards. However, the best way to bring a smile to your clients and worker’s face and to let them know you’re thinking of them over the holidays is by sending them e-cards.

Another advantage of sending business e-cards for holidays is that it gives you an opportunity to add a quick personal note on each card. By adding these notes, your business clients and employees get to know you really care about them and truly want them to have a fantastic holiday.

Just a simple greeting e-card sent to each of your customers can make a world of difference to your long-term relationship.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank-you and your team for the incredible job on our 2008 e-cards project. Thanks to you our project was completed on time and on budget and delivered a great finished product. Your positive attitude and personal mantra that “anything is doable” made working with you under often tight timelines, an absolute pleasure. We continue to rely on you to guide us within the industry best practices for e-marketing and appreciate your new and innovative ideas to further increase the functionality and usability of the site.”

– Nicole Francis, Senior Manager, MTS Allstream Inc.
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