Closed Platform


Exclusive use for your employees. This platform will only accept registration from users with specified email domains/addresses. The closed platform provides company employees with a branded and secured way of promoting their corporate identity internally and globally. This platform is also terrific for interacting with customers, strengthening friendships, commemorating milestones, celebrating holidays and/or events and much more.

Platform Outline

Registration will be accepted from specified email domains/addresses to limit the access to the platform to your employees only. The users will be able to customize and send eCards to any email domain. This platform gives organizations powerful features and tools to help promote their brand year-round in a variety of ways.

Uniquely-crafted admin dashboard to give the admin full control of the platform. The dashboard lists statistics and activities about all users, and grants the ability to evaluate the conversion rate for each campaign and include the same in each standard report. This will give you a clear view on how your  campaigns perform through their cycle and how well the platform performs overall.

Managing users is an excellent feature to keep control of all the activities and performance of your platform. You will be able to add or import new users and send them automated invitations with temporary passwords to set their login credentials. You will have the power as the admin to activate or deactivate registered users and keep user record up-to-date. User Group: Executives will have access to eCards which are not visible to regular users.

Users can view a historical listing of every eCard delivered, monitor the recipients who have or haven’t opened their eCards, view the messages that were undeliverable and the why, and modify scheduled messages. The admin will have the ability to view a copy of sent eCards including the personalized message that was generated by the user. This will help allow the admin to see how the sent messages look and if they were sent with the company’s personal standards.


Curve eCard platform is crafted for every business – small, mid, large, and global! It is made to fit any type of business and shapes. The demo experience is as real as it gets before your own platform is live!

See it live

As a customized platform, Curve eCard pricing varies depending on the size of your business, and your requirements. We advise you contact us and get a custom quote for your exact specifications.