Admin Features

The administration area is crafted uniquely for the use of the project manager. As a project manager, you will have the tools, to monitor the eCards being delivered by your team, create activity reports, manage your users, as well as get results on the success of each campaign.


The multi-level login grants access to the admin site with different levels of users for desired access areas. As a project manager, you may want to assign your assistants to different tasks such as helping with information retrieval, creating reports and providing support to users. The multi-level login feature makes it possible to do this without granting them access to the full list of features. This is especially true with most of our clients with the Red Zone function. It allows you to control what you want to do and who should do it!


With the Dated Reports feature, you will be able to easily specify certain dates/periods to generate the reports you desire. Dated Reports has proven to be a very useful tool to retrieve information quickly and efficiency. You will have the chance to view a historical listing of all eCards delivered by all users, as well as the ability to view the amount of eCards sent out by each associate.


The ability to evaluate the conversion rate for each campaign is included in each standard report. This will give you a clear view on how your campaigns perform through their cycle and the overall performance of the platform. These conversion rates will help you plan for your next campaign. You will also find a more-improved user experience through notification and posting special notes specific to each campaign.


These lists are created and managed by the site admin only for adding corporate general contacts to different lists. Once a global distribution list is created, it will become visible to users in the directory of distribution lists, from which they can now select contacts to send eCards to. These lists are very helpful for businesses who would like to store general contacts in one place, and with access to sharing the contacts with users. Users may view the contacts and send eCards to them. However, they will not be able to delete, update, or modify any contact on these lists, as only the admin can perform these actions.


Special Occasion eCards are templates created by the admin with mostly fixed dates, such as those for religious holidays, anniversaries, events, etc. The users may access special occasion eCards, customize messages and add their own contacts before sending. The users will be allowed to set their own delivery date up – to one week – before the date of the occasion. Special occasion eCards are also managed by the admin.


This optional report and feature gives you the ability to view a copy of sent eCards including the personalized message that was generated by your user. This will allow you to see how your sent messages look and whether they were sent with your company’s personal standards or not. Based on the access to the sent messages, the project manager will be able to carry out actions like performing a training session, deciding the need for changes, and more. The project manager can also send a generic message to the users. Such messages may include, but not be limited to, instructions on what they should consider when personalizing their eCards.


Our 505/Bounce Back Report Generator is designed to create a list of the returned and failed messages. The report details will specify the reasons for the delivery failure, type of bounce (soft or hard), failure code and a list of failure codes clarification to ensure you understand each properly. This will assist you in many things, including, but not limited to, advising your users to update their contact lists to perform in an up-to-date manner.


You will be able to view a list of every associate within your organization that has registered on your platform. The list will include any information related to the user. Thus, it is a great way to communicate with your registered users and you will be able to send them messages directly from your admin area. These messages may contain instructions, announcements, assistance and more. You might also want to notify them about any upcoming campaigns along with the launch dates. Communication messages are completely managed by you. They can be sent via email, launched upon user login, or both.


If you would like to send eCards on behalf of your company to clients and vendors, Curve will set your account as a Super User account. When you customize your chosen eCard, a list of all of your users will be given. You will be able to simply select the names from the list to include in your message. This works very well with the Digital Signatures feature to include and manage the signatures in a professional way.


As an admin, you will be able to manage the eCards by making them active or inactive. Executive eCards are exclusive templates designed to be used by the corporate executives only. However, you will have the option to make the eCard visible for executives only or for everyone (All users).


The ‘Manage Users’ feature is an excellent feature to keep control of all activities and performance of your platform. You will be able to add or import new users and send them automated invitations with temporary passwords to set their login credentials. You will have the opportunity to activate or deactivate registered users and keep user record up-to-date. User Group: Executives will have access to eCards which are not visible to regular users. Editing user information or deleting actions are available as well. Once a user is deleted, the user will not be able to access the platform anymore.


We have created help/support sections for both admin and users. If you (the admin) or a user are having technical difficulties using the platform, we have listed some topics and basic questions (FAQ) that might solve the issue instantly. The knowledge base section displays videos and helpful information that will help you understand how the process and the platform works. We have also created support tickets through which you can submit issues, questions or feedback.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank-you and your team for the incredible job on our 2008 e-cards project. Thanks to you our project was completed on time and on budget and delivered a great finished product. Your positive attitude and personal mantra that “anything is doable” made working with you under often tight timelines, an absolute pleasure. We continue to rely on you to guide us within the industry best practices for e-marketing and appreciate your new and innovative ideas to further increase the functionality and usability of the site. ”

– Nicole Francis, Senior Manager, MTS Allstream Inc.
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